Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What is the Student Engagement Board?

Have you noticed Armacost Library’s new Student Engagement Board?

Okay, it’s just a “rolling-magnetic-reversible-dry-erase-board.” But doesn't Student Engagement Board sound better? It’s currently stationed on the 2nd floor just adjacent to the east staircase. Armacost Library wants to ask informal (and sometimes amusing) questions to get to know our students (this means YOU!) and interact in a casual way. You may also see announcements of current library events listed on the board. We started out by requesting that you summon your artistic side and draw your pet (insert poodle, turtle, hissing cockroach, here). Last week we asked you what you like about college—feedback in the form of sarcasm and silliness are welcome. Do you like your instructors? Don’t you just love the library? (What an awesome place)! What about the double-half-caf-soy-extra-large-Frappuccino?

Be on the lookout for more scintillating questions in the weeks to come. Do you have any suggestions for questions we might ask? Contact Paige_Mann@redlands.edu with your thoughts and ideas. Or, feel free to post a comment below. Have a great day!

Submitted by Rebecca Clayton, Acquisitions/Cataloging Assistant
Photo by Debbie Alban, Administrative Assitant

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