Wednesday, November 19, 2014

GIS Day 2014!

Today, November 19, 2014, marks the 15th annual GIS Day. Geographic Information Systems are used daily to connect people with spatially-referenced information, data, images, and more. Anytime you use Yelp! to look up a local restaurant, or your smartphone’s navigation function, view a map of political or economic trends across the country, or an infographic of which Halloween costume was most popular in each state, you are interacting with a GIS. This week celebrates this technology and its many applications, in order to highlight great work, and encourage new participation.

Here at the University of Redlands, you may know there is a special emphasis for the opportunities available in this growing field, traceable to our friends and supporters at ESRI across town. The Environmental Systems Research Institute are leaders in GIS technology and make it possible for Redlands students to foster a spatial skill set by enabling the use of their ARCGIS software on campus and in classes. Have a look at what the University is doing to celebrate the day, get involved, and perhaps seek out some spatially-minded opportunities in your coursework across campus. 

Janelle Julagay
Business Librarian

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