Friday, January 27, 2012

Upcoming Database Changes

On Wednesday, February 1, the following databases will experience a makeover.

  • Art Full-Text
  • Book Review Digest Plus
  • Education Index Retrospective
  • ERIC
  • OmniFile Full Text Mega

Resulting from a business merger, these databases will adopt characteristics of the acquiring company. While the database content will largely remain the same, item descriptions, features, and search options may differ. For example, the subject headings assigned to items appear to have been preserved for most, but not all items. Another difference can be seen in the way default searches are handled. As of 1/27/2012, entering the search term "minorities" in ERIC and immediately initiating the search will yield 12,771 results under the retired system and 41,365 results under the new system. Highlighted below are a few more changes.

  • Art Full-Text will provide more visual content
  • Book Review Digest Plus offers additional search options to find similar books and books written by the same author
  • iPhone and Android apps are available, and
  • Icons are used to help researchers distinguish between the different types of publications
For more information, please contact a librarian.

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