Friday, December 07, 2007

Meet the Librarians!

Les Canterbury
Les Canterbury is the Acting Library Director and Collection Development Librarian. As Director he gets to go to meetings and sign lots of paperwork. As Collection Development Librarian he coordinates acquisition of books, films, CDs, journals, skeletons, etc. He also hangs out at the Reference Desk and enjoys working in class with students on their information pursuits. His subject areas include environmental studies, anthropology, psychology, biology, physical education and economics.

Les plays ultimate (Go Jackalopes!), brings cheesesteaks home on the plane from Philadelphia, reads as much as he can, loves LA and Finland, and keeps score at Bulldog basketball games. He is a big fan of the English department.

Fun Facts: Les has learned recently that he is pseudomyopic and has Alsatian blood.

Susan Clayton
Susan has been the Off-Campus Services/Reference Librarian for the past five years. She is the library liaison to the School of Business and School of Education. Her primary subject responsibilities are business, education, communicative disorders, and German. When she is not traveling around the greater Los Angeles area visiting the School of Business campuses or meeting with students at the School of Education, Susan enjoys fixing up her home, visiting Oak Glen, and spending quality time with her two cats, Tipper and Buddy.

Fun Fact: Susan spent many winters in upstate New York near Buffalo and is happy to be living in the land of sunshine.

Allison Fox
Starting in Nov. 2006 as a Temporary Reference Librarian, Allison became a Visiting Reference Librarian in June 2007. She helps people with their research, troubleshoots printer issues, and processes a portion of the Barney Childs collection. She serves as the subject librarian for English language and literature, Theatre studies, and popular music. Allison spends much of her spare time reading, and fancies herself a writer. She expends a great deal of mental energy on the formation of the perfect wardrobe, travels whenever time and finances permit, goes to concerts, snowboards, hikes, knits, rides horses and plays piano and oboe.

Fun Facts: Allison memorized the entire fifth act of Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" in one afternoon and performed as Olivia that evening during her freshman year of college.

Lua Gregory
Lua began her position as Visiting Assistant Librarian in September of 2007. Currently Lua serves as subject librarian for technology and sociology with shared responsibilities in government. Lua loves reading, punk rock shows, pepperoni pizza, astronomy, ink drawing, and Stanley Kubrick films.

Fun Facts: Lua earned her brown belt in Okinawan style karate and studied Japanese for three years.

Shana Higgins
Shana has served as Reference/Instructional Services Librarian since July 2006. As the Instructional Services Librarian, Shana coordinates library research instruction for faculty and students in the College of Arts & Sciences. She is the liaison for Cultural Studies, Latin American Studies, Race & Ethnic Studies, Spanish and Women’s Studies with shared responsibility for Communicative Disorders and Film Studies. In her spare time Shana enjoys reading, watching movies and television, hiking in the mountains surrounding our area, and perusing food blogs.

Fun Facts: Shana had a first career as a pastry chef/baker in the San Francisco Bay Area and has a weakness for science fiction.

Bill Kennedy
Bill serves the Head of Reference and Government Documents Librarian. He coordinates the reference desk schedule and masters the trickiest of reference questions. Bill serves as subject liaison to Asian Studies, GIS, History, Humanities, and Philosophy with shared duties in Government. In his spare time, Bill drinks coffee and reads faculty review files.

Fun Facts: Bill has a summer home in Vietnam and has worked as a forest ranger.

Verletta Kern
Verletta has served as Reference/Electronic Services Librarian for over three years. As Electronic Services Librarian, Verletta coordinates the library website, all library databases and the library catalog. She serves as subject librarian for music, art, dance, and computer science with shared responsibilities in film and government. In her spare time Verletta enjoys reading, playing bass clarinet, walking Porter the beagle, and eating ice cream.

Fun Facts: Verletta studied Norwegian for three semesters and spent her summers during high school detasseling corn.

Angelynn King
Angelynn is the Technical Services Librarian, although she has also worked in Bibliographic/Information Literacy Instruction and in Access Services. Her current subject liaison areas include science, religion and French. In her spare time Angelynn enjoys reading, scuba diving, and making soup, but not at the same time.

Fun Facts: Angelynn once had a volunteer job taking care of the bears at the zoo.