Monday, February 26, 2024

Save the Date


This March 19, consider donating to the Armacost Library Fund. This year, our interim director will give $1,000 if 100 people choose to donate to the Armacost Library Fund by Giving Day. 

One way that the Armacost Library supports students is by supporting their academic success. In addition to our print and digital collections, Armacost librarians help students navigate our modern and dynamic world of information through class instruction, individual consultations, and our annual Armacost Library Undergraduate Research Awards (ALURA). Armacost Library is also looking to enhance our Archives and Special Collections to facilitate more original student research.

Save the date: March 19. 

All donations are welcome, from big to small, from huge to teeny tiny. Can't wait? Early donations are always welcome. 

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Grab a Game at the Library to Celebrate International Games Month

 November is International Games Month 

November 20th thru 26th is National Games & Puzzles Week 


What we did this summer!! Library staff spent part of their summer gathering data and doing research to choose board & card games to add to the library’s collections. An interest survey during May Term helped us start a list of games that students were interested in - thank you to everyone who participated!  


“There’s more to life than increasing its speed, sometimes you need to slow down and play a board game.” 

In June a group of us took a fun shopping trip to two local stores, Board Game Paradise and Jack’s Toy Store. Utilizing our initial list, our own favorites, as well as online reviews, and with some expert guidance from store staff, we chose over 50 board and card games to build the collection. 


“A good game is like a good conversation – engaging, challenging, and surprising.” 



The rest of the summer was spent cataloging, processing and re-packaging the games and choosing a location to house them. And the rest is history – the Game Nook was born – game boxes shelved in a convenient location right inside our front doors and a giant table with different seating options where you can play a game.  


“Games are the playgrounds of the mind.” 



Typically, board games can be checked out for three days at a time but there is a special extension if you choose to check them out over Thanksgiving Break. Peruse the shelves, pick a box and bring it up to the front desk with your student ID. You’ll receive all the game pieces in a convenient zippered pouch. And then HAVE FUN!! 


“Board games are the art of strategy and chance, wrapped in a world of imagination.” 




Don’t want to travel home with a board game? Grab one of our “mystery envelopes” filled with paper games & puzzles and a pencilall ready for you to put down your phone and have some fun while traveling or just during some downtime over break. 


“In the end, it’s not the games we play but the memories we make that truly matter.” 




Our student employees have started playing and reviewing games as well – check out our Instagram page to see those reviews. As a reminder, any member of our University community – students, staff & faculty – can check out games! 


Here is just a partial list of some of the games we currently have in our collection: 



Cards Against Humanity 





Codigo Secreto Duo 

Connect Four 

Dungeons & Dragons 

Exploding Kittens 


Loose Caboose 


One Night Werewolf 





Sushi Go 


Unstable Unicorns