Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Coming soon: A New InSPIRe!

Screen shot of the new InSPIRe home page


As we reported last month, Armacost Library's new digital collections and publishing presence, InSPIRe, is migrating to a new platform in early July.

Soon you'll be able to view scholarship and creative works from faculty and students across the University, including:

  • Undergraduate honors papers and theses
  • Graduate theses, dissertations and MSGIS projects
  • Faculty book chapters, articles and creative work
  • Open educational resources
  • Our House, an annual celebration of University of Redlands scholarly and creative accomplishments

And much more! 

InSPIRe is currently experiencing a short downtime while we finish getting the new site ready for you. Please contact the library if you need assistance accessing a particular work during this time. 

Thanks to Armacost Library's project team, including Paige Mann, Scholarly Communications and STEM Librarian; Michael Kremer, Circulation Supervisor and InSPIRe@Redlands Assistant; and Sanjeet Mann, Arts & Systems Librarian, with support from ITS and external vendors Digital Commons and Ubiquity Press.

Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Continuing to Support Our Community

 The University of Redlands has many events coming up during the Summer and to support them, the Armacost Library wanted to remind you all that we have materials available to our community. 

According to the Events page, on June 14th "31st Annual Edwin B. Hales Bulldog Bench Golf Classic, take two!" is coming up fast! We have articles in Primo about the health benefits of golfing as well as the growth and development of golfing in America. There are, also, connections between environmental sciences with golf all over the world. 

And, of course, on June 15th, "Ageless Intensity: Exercise and Successful Aging with Pete McCall '94" looks like it will be very informative for people of all ages. And to read more about this topic, you can search through our library to find plenty of information to further explore. 

As you can see from the image above, after searching for 'science of exercise' and adding the filters that can give me instant access or shows what is available in the library to be checked out, there were almost 300 results. 

The services of the Armacost Library are still available during the Summer. Have a great summer, Bulldogs!