Friday, November 21, 2008

Library Photography and Digital Art Contest is Up!

Congratulations to all participants in the Library Photography and Digital Art Contest!

The results for the contest are as follows:
1st place: Embrace It by Michelle Deyden
2nd place: Light Dance by Chelsea Crowl and Untitled by Laura Conner

Please come by the Library to view the creative work of our artistic community!

Image credit: Chapel Against the Hills by Kevin Keller

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Welcome Eugene Owens to the Armacost Library

Eugene is a Visiting Assistant Librarian, looking forward to helping students at the reference desk and meeting new people. He will collect books for the library on Psychology, Religious Studies and Philosophy. He is excited about buying some new books for the popular fiction area near the circulation desk. Eugene will be providing library research instruction in the Spring term, so look for him in your class.

Having just flown in from Boston, he is still getting used to the sun, wearing shorts in November and all the cars. Eugene enjoys seeing loud music in small venues, such as The Mars Volta and Deerhoof. He is looking forward to seeing the Melvins over the Thanksgiving break at the Troubadour. Moreover Eugene wants to be part of the intelligentsia someday, but is afraid he reads too much trashy fiction.