Friday, February 15, 2019

Johnston 50th Anniversary

In 1969, a group of faculty, students and staff created an alternative learning environment at the University-a true living and learning community where students would be responsible for their own education-the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies. Once a separate college, the center is now fully integrated into the College of Arts and Sciences and one of the college's largest academic programs.

The Johnston educational process recognizes students who have a great variety of interests and seeks to give each person extensive ownership of their education. To achieve this, Johnston brings together a community of bright, creative, independent and active students with a genuine interest in academic pursuits-a place where diversity is cherished and ideas are debated. Today some 200 talented and passionate Redlands students live and learn together in the Johnston complex, which includes two residence halls, faculty offices, a coffee house, classrooms and community spaces.

This weekend is chock-full of Johnston events: discussions, dancing, music, art, learning, eating, and most importantly, being together. There are even activities for kids! Check out the schedule here!

Additionally, the Johnston Center has installed a display in the Armacost Library entrance, full of Johnston memorabilia collected throughout the last half century. There is also a large art piece done by a Johnston alum. Stop by the Armacost Library to check out these historic mementos. Happy Anniversary, Johnston Center, and here's to another 50 years!