Friday, March 25, 2016

Celebrate the 2016 ALURA Winners!

The 2016 Armacost Library Undergraduate Research Award winners are ....

STEM category
Sarah Grimley whose research is titled The Need for a Neutral Speaking Period in the Trier Social Stress Test with faculty support from Dr. Lisa Olson, Biology.

Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences category
Ellen Holt whose research is titled The American (Birth): A Valuable Pain with faculty support from Dr. Jennifer Nelson, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

Ellen impressed the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Selection Committee with her reflection essay where she described the inspiration for her research, discussed her research methodology, and demonstrated an ability to adjust her search process when encountering challenges while gathering primary source data.

The STEM Selection Committee was struck by Sarah's tenacious search for information and use of multiple information tools. Her reflective essay and references demonstrated flexibility thinking in her searches, line of research, and integration of sources outside her discipline.

To view their research projects, check back shortly with the University's Institutional Scholarly Publication and Information Repository (InSPIRe). In the near future we'll upload their research projects to the ALURA series.

On behalf of both ALURA Selection Committees, we congratulate Sarah Grimley and Ellen Holt, two outstanding students at the University of Redlands! Please join us in the Library Conference Room (3rd floor) on Wednesday, April 6 from 4-5pm to celebrate their achievements.

Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Selection Committee
Nathaniel Cline, Economics
Lua Gregory, Library (Chair)
Tim Seiber, Johnston Center
Gabriela Sonntag, Library

STEM Selection Committee
Ben Aronson, Biology
Les Canterbury, Library
Eric Hill, Physics
Hillary Jenkins, Environmental Studies
Paige Mann, Library (Chair)

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tolkien Reading Day

According to The Tolkien Society, Friday, March 25, is Tolkien Reading Day, an international celebration of J. R. R. Tolkien's literary works.

Participants (or Tolkien enthusiasts) are encouraged to read their favorite passages. Here are a few books from the Armacost Library to get you started:

And feel free to search our Library for more books by J. R. R. Tolkien

After you've read and reflected on your chosen words, I invite you to listen to Tolkien read to his friend, George Sayer. In August of 1952, while Tolkien visited George Sayer in Worcestershire, they recorded the following reading from The Hobbit, featuring Tolkien's voice acting for Gollum:


Saturday, March 05, 2016