Thursday, November 29, 2012

What's Happening in the Mathematical Sciences

What's Happening in the Mathematical Sciences
Whether you're an undergraduate math major looking for a research topic or just a general fan of math, I think you'll find the series What's Happening in the Mathematical Sciences rather delightful.


Yes, delightful. Not only does every chapter (in this currently eight volume set) report some recent mathematical advancement, but it does so with the skill of a good storyteller. Math isn't just about numbers, calculations, theorems, and proofs. It's about the opportunities seized and adventures taken by explorers who push the boundaries of what we know, or assume to know. For example,
  • Can undergraduates actually impact the field of mathematics? (See vols. 1 and 2)
  • What's it like to solve Fermat's Theorem, only the most famous math problem? (See vol. 3)
  • When is art, math? (See vol. 4)
  • Want to reduce traffic? (See vol. 5)
  • How do dragonflies hover? (See vol. 6)
  • What is the millionth digit of pi... without calculating to the millionth digit? (See vol. 6)
  • Ever flipped a coin to make a decision? Maybe that's not such a good idea. (See vol. 7)
  • Can mathematics replace clinical trials in health care? (See vol. 8)

Check it out!

Paige Mann
Physical Sciences Librarian

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