Sunday, August 23, 2015


The Armacost Library is now a member of LINK+, a resource-sharing system that allows current University of Redlands students, faculty, staff and administrators to borrow books and media at no charge from over 50 academic and public libraries throughout California and Nevada. LINK+ enhances the Armacost Library's existing interlibrary loan program by adding several useful, time-saving features. LINK+ requests can be placed through the Armacost Library catalog or the shared LINK+ catalog, and items you borrow arrive faster (generally in 3 - 4 days) because they are delivered to us by courier rather than shipped through the mail.  In addition, the status of LINK+ requests can be monitored at any time by checking your personal library account online.

To access LINK+, go to the LINK+ catalog. Once you identify an item you need that is not available in the Armacost Library, click the "Request this item" link. During this process, you will be asked to verify your University of Redlands affiliation by logging in to your Armacost Library account.  After an item you request has arrived, we will notify you by email that it is available for pickup at the Armacost Library's Help Desk. You may keep books borrowed through LINK+ for 21 days and request one 21-day renewal.  Most media, including DVDs and audio CDs, may be kept for 7 days but cannot be renewed.

Some LINK+ member libraries also participate in two optional programs called Pick-up Elsewhere and Visiting Patron. Pick-up Elsewhere enables you to have items you request delivered to a different LINK+ library. Visiting Patron allows you to  use your University of Redlands ID card to check out items directly from a LINK+ library you visit in person. Both of these programs are useful if you are away from the Armacost Library and would like to use a library closer to your home or workplace.

For more details and complete instructions on how to use LINK+, check our  LINK+ information page.  You can also ask at the Armacost Library's Help Desk or call us at 909-793-8022

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