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November is National American Indian Heritage Month

“Offering to the Sun.” Northwestern University Library, Edward S. Curtis's 'The North American Indian': the Photographic Images, 2001.

November is an opportunity to recognize and commemorate the contributions, culture, and traditions of American Indians and Alaska Natives.

Armacost library has some great resources, including books, films and music, for those interested in delving into American Indian heritage.


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Cronyn, George William, editor. American Indian poetry; an anthology of
songs and chants. New York: Ballantine Books, 1970.

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Creation's journey: Native American music.
M1669 .C74 1994 [CD]
Ceremonial, social and contemporary music of Native Americans.

M1669 .M48 G48 2000 [CD]
This album, by Bill Miller, won five Native American Music Awards in 2000 for Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, and Song of the Year.

Indians, Indians
M1669 .M57 I6 [CD]
Native American flute music by Robert Mirabal.

Moving within the circle: contemporary Native American music and dance
M1669 .B8 1994 [CD]
A variety of Indian tribes contributed to this album.

Sundance Season
Available Online
Religious ritual music in observation of the Sun Dance; performed on Native American flute by the composer, R. Carlos Nakai.


Hisatsinom : the ancient ones (1984)
E99 .P9 H4 1984 [Video]
Captures the spirit of the Indian dwellings at Chaco Canyon, Betatakin, Mesa Verde, Canyon de Chelly, and other sites in the San Juan system.

Joy Harjo (1989)
PS3558 .A62423 A6 1989 [Video]
"Joy Harjo, one of the most important Native American poets and author of 'She had Some Horses', reads for the Laguna Poets in Laguna Beach and is interviewed by Lewis MacAdams."—Container

"Tell them Willie Boy is here” (1983)
PN1995.9 .W4 T44 1983 [Video]
A modern western classic based on the true story of a Paiute Indian, named Willie Boy, and his bride who become the objects of the last great Western manhunt after he kills her father in a "marriage by capture".

Web sites

National American Indian Heritage Month 2007
A brief history of the origins of National American Indian Heritage Month by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) Data and Links
Here you will find statistical data on the American Indian and Alaskan Native population compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau.

A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America.
A proclamation from George W. Bush on American Indian Heritage Month.

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