Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Planar Sculpture Artwork - Spring Exhibit

Take some time to experience the new pieces created by the Spring 2013 Introduction to Sculpture classes!

Sculptures will be exhibited in the 2nd floor lobby of the Armacost Library through mid-April.

Students cast and carved plaster sculptures with several goals in mind; to learn to cast plaster keeping the integrity of the material so as to be able to carve a blank form and create a single sculpture of well developed planes, to make a piece considering the relationship of forms as they develop around the sculpture, and to work towards excellent craftsmanship.

This is their first sculpture created this semester and represents students that are non-art majors and art majors in an Art Studio Foundation Class.

New in March 2013 - Students in the Introduction to Sculpture class, both art majors and non-majors, created a three piece carved plaster sculpture employing a three-dimensional principle of unity and variety.  Students worked towards abstract sculptural considerations of form relationship, negative and positive space, craftsmanship, and final presentation.  Other considerations of implied movement, rhythm, and balance were explored.  On display are sculptures representing the individual voice of each student.

Introduction to Sculpture
Prof. Renee Azenaro
Studio Art  Spring 2013

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