Wednesday, March 13, 2013

2013 Information Literacy Faculty Showcase

Information literacy is about determining one's need for, ability to locate, and to evaluate information as well as to understand how information is socially situated and produced.

Like critical thinking, information literacy encompasses a wide range of skills and thought processes that have become increasingly relevant in today's complex information landscape.

Developing these skills and ways of thinking in students "depends on collaborative pedagogy, embedding research competencies in individual courses and throughout the curriculum, and integrating skills developmentally into the entire learning process."1

Come to our 2nd annual hour-long showcase highlighting methods of integrating and developing information literacy competencies through the curriculum.

Janelle Julagay (Library) and Scott Randolph (Business) will share the development of their BUS 226 labs.

Melissa Cardenas-Dow (Library) and Michael Groher (Communicative Disorders) will discuss introducing library research methods into the Junior Seminar.

Other librarians will share easily adaptable assignments/activities that develop information literacy competencies.

Hutchins, Elizabeth O., Barbara Fister, and Kris MacPherson. "Changing Landscapes, Enduring Values: Making the Transition from Bibliographic Instruction to Information Literacy." Journal of Library Administration 36.1-2 (2002): 3-19. Print.

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