Thursday, January 08, 2015

Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

I hope all of you have had a relaxing and enjoyable break and are ready for all the opportunities that Redlands has to offer. We realize that the semester will quickly get busy, therefore we want to make sure you consider this opportunity before it's too late.

The Armacost Library Undergraduate Research Award (ALURA) recognizes the challenges that students face when conducting research in today’s complex information landscape. In addition to finding information, one must have developed the skills needed to evaluate information and select that which meets the specific requirements of the research project. Librarians are partners in this process and although we are aware of student projects, rarely do we see the final product. ALURA gives us an opportunity to do just that.  

This Award applauds the student who is passionate about a question, has experienced the thrill of searching for evidence to prove a point, has felt the need to find answers that lead to more questions, and has been thoughtful about the process during this great adventure. 

We are now calling for submissions for the 2015 award. The deadline is February 20th. More information at

You can still apply for the award if your research product is in process. Be sure to use this checklist as you prepare the submission:

  • Award Application Form
  • Research Reflection Essay
  • The Research Product
  • Bibliography or other appropriate listing of sources consulted
  • Letter of Support from Faculty Advisor/Course Professor

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