Friday, November 13, 2015

Is feminism relevant today? Why/why not? -- What you said

Back in October, I asked people to suggest questions they'd like to see on the Student Engagement Board. Based on these responses I've posted, "What is a life?" and "What meal from home do you miss most?"

This past week, I asked,

Is feminism relevant today? Why/why not?

Responses, were quite varied, representing our different experiences and perspectives. Thank you to everyone who used this space to respond openly and honestly and engaged in brave conversations. It's my hope that we can inform, respectfully challenge, and learn from each other. See for yourself. Click on the images to view a larger version, and look for a related article (forthcoming) by Livvy Fore in the Redlands Bulldog.

Based on your responses, issues facing our nation, university campuses, and our own campus, this week's question is 

What's needed on campus to help all feel included?

Although the question is vague, I ask you to share your vision for what's needed on this campus so that everyone can thrive and experience a sense of belonging, inclusion, safety, and empowerment.

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