Monday, November 09, 2015

"Ain't I a Woman": Laverne Cox Visits University of Redlands

Transgender Pride Flag

Emmy-nominated actress, transgender advocate, and cultural icon Laverne Cox will give an address titled, “Ain’t I A Woman? My Journey to Womanhood” Tuesday, Nov. 10 at 7 p.m. in Memorial Chapel. She will meet with students at a reception following. Student groups, as well as classes across the College of Arts & Sciences – in History, English, Theatre Arts, Race and Ethic Studies, and the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program – are participating in or discussing Cox’s lecture and related topics.

Tickets available for purchase online.

Interested in learning more about transgender issues, activism, and history?  Check out some books from the Armacost Library.   

Driver, Susan. Queer youth cultures. (2008). 

Feinberg, Leslie. Stone butch blues: A novel. (1993).

Kafer, Alison. Feminist, queer, crip. (2013). 

Stryker, Susan. Transgender history. (2008). 

Some films you might be interested in watching:

Boys Don't Cry. (1999). 
Ma Vie En Rose (My Life in Pink). (1998). 
TransAmerica. (2006). 

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