Monday, April 19, 2010

2nd Annual Armacost Library Undergraduate Research Award Reception

The 2nd Annual Armacost Library Undergraduate Research Award Reception was a wonderful success. College of Arts & Sciences students, staff, and faculty members gathered to honor the ambitious research and writing efforts of the award finalists. The faculty mentors of each finalist introduced the students and their work.

ALURA Finalists:
Jaclyn Cooperrider, “Role of Progesterone Receptor on Ripening of the Cervix and Parturition.”
Kelly Lecko, “Wildlife Sanctuaries as Potential Migratory Routes and Dispersal Areas in the Tsavo-Amboseli Ecosystem.”
Ruby Secrist, “Local Foreign Policy in the 1930s: FDR the Eternal Pragmatist.”
Laura Tolle, “Manifestations of Male Depression: Theories of (Under)Diagnosis.”
Fiona Wilhelm, “Reading John the Baptist as Messiah.”
Caitlin Wolf, “To Be or Not to Be: What is a Screwball Comedy?”

ALURA Recipient:
Sommer DiSante, "From Hell, With Love: An Analysis of the Literary Biographical Tradition of Delogs in Tantric Buddhism."

Professor Bryce Ryan (Biology) introduced the advanced research his student Jaclyn Cooperrider, a finalist for the Armacost Library Undergraduate Research Award, performed for her paper.

Student finalist Jaclyn Cooperrider listening to praise from her professor, Professor Bryce Ryan.

Students, staff, and faculty listen to Professor Kathleen Feeley (History) introduce one of her two students recognized as finalists for the Armacost Library Undergraduate Research Award.

Ruby Secrist (standing) and Caitlin Wolf (sitting), both honored for their research papers, and both History majors mentored by Professor Kathleen Feeley.

Fiona Wilhelm, another ALURA finalist, mentored by Professor Lillian Larsen (Religious Studies) and introduced at the reception by Professor Bill Huntley (Religious Studies).

Sommer DiSante, the 2nd Annual Armacost Library Undergraduate Research Award recipient, and her faculty mentor Professor Karen Derris (Religious Studies).

Sommer DiSante posing with Interim Library Director Les Canterbury and Instructional Services Librarian Shana Higgins.

Laura Tolle, a student finalist mentored by Professors Celine Ko and Fred Rabinowitz (Psychology), chatting with ALURA selection committee member Amy Wilms (Assistant Dean, Student Life).

Former Armacost Library intern, Janelle Julagay and Technical Services Librarian, Melissa Cardenas-Dow.

Students and friends of finalists.

Stella Rivera (Religious Studies) chats with Denise Cline (Library).

Professors Kathleen Feeley (History) and Bill Huntley (Religious Studies).

Electronic Services Librarian, Sanjeet Mann talks with Professor Pete Sherman (Environmental Studies).

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