Monday, February 07, 2011

New Resource – ICPSR

Armacost Library has joined the Interuniversity Consortium of Political and Social Research (ICPSR), an organization dedicated to training scholars for social science research and providing access to their data. As a benefit of membership, we’re pleased to announce we now have access to their data archive of over half a million research studies!

The ICPSR data archive contains several features that could help you with your research:

  • You can search or browse the archive to find research on your specific topic. If you find something interesting, you can create a MyData account while logged in from on campus to download the data file and analyze it in your analysis tool of choice (SAS, SPSS, STATA and text formats are supported).

  • You can use the Bibliography of Data-Related Literature to see if a previous study has already treated your topic. This can help you jumpstart your literature review.

  • Each study collects numerous items of data, or variables such as respondents’ age, gender, level of education, and so forth. Searching the Variables Database allows you to compare the findings of multiple studies investigating the same variables.

  • Finally, while most of the data in the ICPSR archive requires a statistical analysis tool such as STATA, you can analyze some data online using the built-in Survey Documentation Analysis (SDA) tool.

In addition to access to all of the above through the ICPSR website, our membership also makes University of Redlands students and faculty eligible for discounted tuition to the Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Research, a research paper competition, and more.

Faculty may be interested in the Online Learning Center and the Teaching With Data portal. Both sites will give you ideas on how to bring ICPSR data into the classroom and (hopefully) spark your students’ interest in quantitative research and data analysis.

For more information about ICPSR, contact the reference desk or sign up for one of ICPSR’s many online webinars. We’re excited about the potential of this new resource to enrich research and teaching at the University of Redlands.

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