Tuesday, April 05, 2011

And the winner is...

The 3rd Annual Armacost Library Undergraduate Research Award reception took place on Friday, April 1, 2011. A joint reception with Sigma Tau Delta, the English Honor Society, brought together librarians, disciplinary faculty, administrators and students to recognize outstanding student research and writing, and excellence in teaching writing.

This year our submissions more than doubled in number and the quality of the essays was truly impressive. Therefore we awarded three submissions with an honorable mention in addition to our ALURA winner.

2011 ALURA Recipient

(Danielle Wetmore with her faculty sponsor Dr. Kathleen Feeley)

This year’s Armacost Library Undergraduate Research Award goes to a paper that demonstrated impressive work with primary sources from Armacost and AK Smiley Libraries, as well as incorporated a broad variety of primary and secondary, popular and scholarly resources. Danielle Wetmore’s paper titled, “Making Makeup Respectable: Cosmetics Advertising During the Great Depression” synthesized all this material into an insightful essay on the gendered discourse of cosmetic advertisements during the 1930s. Congratulations!

Three additional papers made the Selection Committee's decision that much more difficult to make.

(Danielle Wetmore and Emily Harris)

Emily Harris for her paper titled, “Institutional Comparative Advantage in International Duopolies: A Game Theoretical Analysis of the Fuji-Kodak Dispute Settlement DS44.” One Selection Committee member described her paper as demonstrating “analytical and conceptual sophistication...deftly synthesiz[ing] her sources, [and] capturing her argument with concision.” Well done.

(Ashley Johnson and her faculty sponsor Dr. Bryce Ryan)

Ashley Johnson for her paper titled, “A Review of Mouse Models of Autistic-like Behavior.” The Selection Committee agreed that her research sources were “well integrated, interpreted and synthesized.” Excellent and valuable work.

Tavi Steinhardt for his essay, “Good Without God: Atheism as Affirmation.” Tavi’s essay was described as “brilliantly argued and beautifully written.”

(Professors Alisa Slaughter and Dr. Anne Shea)

Sigma Tau Delta honored two professors for their dedication to student learning in writing, literary analysis, and critical thinking/awareness: Alisa Slaughter, Creative Writing, and Anne Shea, Writing Across the Curriculum.

Many thanks for another successful ALURA.

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