Monday, April 25, 2016

Congratulations Bulldogs!

Congratulations Bulldogs!  Happy Graduation to those who participated in festivities this past weekend! It’s that time of year when students and faculty begin wrapping up shop, preparing for holidays, planning for the future! But wait, did you forget to turn something in??

While you are cleaning out your dorm room or office, you may stumble across that thesis you were supposed to send somewhere. Was it InSPIRe? Yes! There is still time for graduates to submit an honors thesis to InSPIRe.

InSPIRe @ Redlands is the University of Redlands's institutional repository. That's just to say that it's a collection of intellectual and creative artifacts created by the University of Redlands community.  If you are still not sure what InSPIRe is, check it out here: InSPIRe@redlands While it is better to complete this task before you depart this beautiful campus, the library can still assist you over the summer. The Armacost Library is always here to help and we are open year-round!

The final approved copy of a thesis can be sent to the InSPIRe mailbox at and the signed permission slip can be sent to the Library Director, Gabriela Sonntag via email Don’t forget there is always snail-mail: University of Redlands, Armacost Library, 1249 E. Colton Avenue, Redlands, CA 92374 ATTN: InSPIRe

Share your knowledge with future generations. Leave a legacy of scholarship, generate new ideas and contribute to new knowledge. Inspire others! You may become famous!

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