Monday, May 10, 2021

InSPIRe is Migrating to a New Platform in June

Armacost Library is pleased to announce that we are migrating our digital collections and publishing presence, InSPIRe, to a new platform. 

What will be affected by this migration?

All Our House material, student theses and dissertations, Journal of Computer Science Integration (JCSI) articles, and more will operate on a different platform beginning July 2021. 

How will this impact new submissions?

To prepare for the migration, we will halt all deposits in the month of June. You are welcome to deposit your work through the end of May or wait until July.

Will this result in broken links? 

Existing work will receive a new URL; old URLs will not work. However, works for which the Armacost Library has minted a digital object identifier (DOI) will be little affected. Anyone trying to access a work via a DOI URL (e.g., will be taken to the new URL. 

Will I still receive monthly download reports?

Unfortunately, those accustomed to receiving monthly download reports will have to do without for the time being. However, the attention that a work is receiving will be publicly available. Authors of JCSI articles will see something like this example. Authors and creators of Our House work and student theses and dissertations will see a more modest version of the example provided. 

Also, when this kind of attention data is migrated to the new platform, its chronology will be lost. That is, downloads recorded for January 2021 (100 downloads), February 2021 (200 downloads), and March 2021 (300 downloads) will be lumped together in July as 600 downloads. 

Why did you decide to migrate to a new platform?

There are several reasons for this migration, that also align with our library's values and manifesto

The platform we were using was acquired a few years ago by Elsevier. As observed by many, Elsevier and its parent company RELX time and again prioritize power and profit over than the academic communities it purports to serve. Elsevier's and RELX's market dominance, profit margins which exceed those of Big Tech, aggressive business tactics, and contracts with U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raise considerable concerns. As a result, the Armacost Library has been actively looking to migrate to a new platform for years. 

Our new vendor, Ubiquity Press, has a better reputation with those of us in the library community, offers much more transparency in its business practices, uses open source software, is an open access advocate, and adopts open standards which reduce the lock-in strategies used by many vendors.

What will the new site look like?

Glad you asked! It's still being developed at this point, but the site will go from this

to this

What if I have questions? 

Feel free to reach out to anyone in the library or contact InSPIRe personnel directly by emailing

I hope you're as excited about this as we are! :)

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