Friday, May 14, 2021

Preparing For Our Bulldogs

Before COVID-19 shut down the Armacost Library to receiving the public and Bulldog community members, we were open for 16 hours a day and all three floors were open with study spaces, groupings of tables and armchairs, and two study rooms and two computer spaces. This was the life for our Bulldogs and we looked forward to helping, greeting, directing, and welcoming EVERYONE as much as possible.

Once COVID-19 hit, the doors to the library closed because our campus shut down. But, through hard work and on a skeleton staff, the Armacost Library continued to function, offering Curbside Pick-Up to our community. Anything within our general collection and interlibrary loans, we can schedule a pick-up for you. The CDI's Book Lending Program is still in full swing but they are coordinating the mailing and pick-up of their books. 


Now that COVID-19 is getting under control and people are being vaccinated, the Armacost Library is preparing to open for our Bulldog community. For this Summer 2021, we plan to open a few hours from Sunday until Thursday and add hours when we reach Fall 2021. Safety precautions will be taken so that we can continue being safe and keeping everyone safe! For this summer, more information will be coming out soon but beverages with lids will be permitted. 

With everything going on, if you have any questions or comments for our staff, please do contact us

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