Wednesday, March 02, 2022

Reading About Women Who Inspire Us (2022)

Popularly known for many special reasons, March is commonly known for Women's History Month. Looking of the inspiring and beautiful trailblazers who have made equality and rights an agenda item for many years, the collection at the Armacost Library has many titles that can help you explore and learn about some of these women from history all around the world. 

Looking at women in the middle ages, "Gendering the Master Narrative: Women and Power in the Middle Ages" explores how women came to be in and use power. It covers the progress of women toward power during the times and how women used practices and institutions to erode the authority that stood in their way. In the library, the book "Re-envisioning Egypt 1919-1952" captured how women were empowered and how gender roles changed even in the ancient times. There are names of writings by women pioneers who shaped their civilization and watched it thrive. Even "Muslima Theology: the Voices of Muslim Women Theologians" covers the theories and philosophies of Muslim women theologians and scholars discussing their cultures, traditions, and thinkings. Women in history and globally have been working hard to fight for their freedom to think, impart wisdom to their communities, and further help the development of their nations. 

In more of the current times, the gender conversation continues. On our shelves, we have "The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World" which is a book written by Melinda Gates, a pioneering woman of our times. Another title of interest is "Why Women Will Save The Planet" which covers the environmental deeds and activism going on that helps the world recover from the devastation of having its resources mindlessly plundered and how gender equality affects this. Digitally, you can discover "The Most Powerful Women You've Never Heard Of" and read more about them. Names from all around the world and the works they have done are summarized for you to think about. Of course, reading more about them is possible after you know their names, right?

Of course, many good reading lists are out there about women and empowerment, as well as inspiration. Goodreads has a list of over a thousand books you can sink your reading teeth into. Our collection has a wide range of books, all very inspiring, female centered, and beautifully illustrated.  

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