Friday, September 28, 2012

October is National Information Literacy Awareness Month

The National Forum on Information Literacy (NFIL), Credo Reference, and Libraries Thriving have joined forces to raise awareness of information literacy as a core, necessary concept in today's information-rich world.

From the NFIL website:
October is National Information Literacy Awareness month. In today's digital world, people who are information literate know how to find, access, and critically evaluate information to improve their health, their environment, their education and workplace performance.... Having that skill set empowers them to interpret and make informed decisions about their lives, in essence, taking responsibility for their own welfare and that of their nation.
This year, NFIL, Credo Reference and Libraries Thriving are holding a campaign that seeks official state support and recognition of information literacy. California is among the states currently drafting a gubernatorial proclamation.

Armacost Library recognizes the need for information literacy. We are very happy to support this effort!

For more information, please explore NFIL's website and view their campaign's participation tutorial.

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