Monday, September 03, 2012

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back

Welcome back to campus! We at the Armacost Library hope you had a good and full summer. As for us, things have been a stirrin'! For example,
  • Have you used our new website? As our student body, technology, and culture change so must our website, and wow was our website in need of change! As the intellectual center of campus, we hope these changes support your work as academics, and that you find our website easier to use and navigate. Let us know what you think.
  • Check out our new lounge area! That's right, we've rearranged and refurbished the East side of the 2nd floor near the women's restroom. Make yourselves comfortable in our new sunlit space.
  • We've consolidated our help desks. Quick quiz:  How many help desks did we staff last year? (View the answer at the bottom of this post.) Now, you needn't bother trying to figure out which desk to go to, just stop by our central help desk at the entrance of the library.
  • Librarians restructured the way we work with our academic peers. Until recently, librarians worked with different department regardless of disciplinary similarities. This year, librarians are responsible for working with academic areas more closely related to one another. For example,this year I'll work with the Physical Sciences (Mathematics, Computer Science, Geographic Information Science, Physics and Astonomy). See My Librarian to find the librarian responsible for your area.
  • Course Reserves are now green. Thanks to course reserves extraordinaire, Denise Cline, the library take a more environmentally savvy approach, cutting down on paper usage and saving trees in the process.
  • We hired a new Visiting Librarian, Sally Romero, to fill in for Shana Higgins (who's away on sabbatical). Please join us in welcoming Sally and stay tuned to learn more about our newest team member.
Answer to the quick quiz:  Last year Armacost Library had four help desks:  the Door Monitor desk (the kiosk you see upon entering the library, now closed), the Circulation desk (now renamed the Help Desk), the Periodicals desk (located to your right upon entering, now closed), the Reference desk (located to your left upon entering, now closed).

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