Friday, August 30, 2013



Welcome back to a new academic year! We have been preparing for your arrival all summer long. I hope you will stop by and enjoy our renewed spaces, the Library bar, and the new smart furniture.

I want to give you two pieces of advice that may change the rest of your life. Well, ok maybe just help you succeed in college – but that is a big deal, right?

First, GET TO KNOW YOUR LIBRARIAN! Start by going to the library homepage and see who that person may be. Click here for more information:


  • Stop by their office hours, just to say HI. 
  • Make an appointment when you get those assignments that look overwhelming. 
  • Send a chat message when you have a quick question.

What? CHAT? YES WE HAVE CHAT! You can click on the Ask Me! Bulldog on our website and a chat session will open up. Can getting help be any easier?

What could be better? Your librarian will make sure you are getting research assistance for all your research papers and projects. They will be there when you organize that thesis proposal or gather your wits around the senior capstone project. And they will be there to applaud your success when you walk across the stage to receive your diploma.

As the Library Director I look forward to hearing from you about other ways that the Armacost Library can help you. Contact me at or 909.748.8096 or stop by my office anytime.

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