Monday, December 16, 2013

Discover Redlands!

 Whether you are a visitor to Redlands for a short period of time, a student on campus for four years or a native to the City of Redlands, there are lots of fascinating historical facts and tidbits about Redlands and the surrounding areas to be discovered in the Armacost Library. 

See vintage photos and learn about mule-drawn streetcars in early Redlands, the former winery located near the corner of Colton and University prior to the campus’ founding, the visits of Presidents McKinley, Taft and Roosevelt to Redlands and much more in Golden Jubilee, Redlands, California: 1888-1938.

Meet James Graham Johnston and Dr. Wayne Orton and discover the early days of Johnston College as you immerse yourself in The History of Johnston College 1969-1979.

Interested in what early Redlanders did for fun? How about harness racing, gymkhanas, Crokinole, firemen’s tournaments, long distance bicycle racing, fencing, lawn bowling, and field archery …did you know the National Field Archery Association was founded in Redlands? Learn more in Only one Redlands: changing patterns in a Southern California town.

Follow the U of R fashions, trends and excitement of days gone by casually browsing decades of
La Letras. Such a fun way to familiarize yourself with the Bike Club, dorm decorating contests, Alpha Beta Pie, field hockey inter-class tournaments, Interim, KUOR, Snow parties, or Mud Fest and much, much more! 

The resources highlighted above are only a small fraction of the materials available to you at the Armacost Library to quench your thirst for local history. Please consult the library catalog, ask to speak with a librarian or make an appointment to view materials in our Special Collections. 

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