Thursday, December 12, 2013

Information Literacy & Scholarship

Information literacy is about determining one’s need for, and an ability to locate, evaluate, and effectively use information. It is also about understanding how information is socially situated and produced. Like critical thinking, information literacy encompasses a wide range of skills and thought processes that have become increasingly relevant in today’s complex information landscape.

In the spring term of each year the Armacost Library joins faculty and students across the University to celebrate scholarship and the part critical information literacy plays in research and scholarship.

Join the Armacost Library and the Department of History for an hour-long showcase highlighting the History faculty’s integration and development of information literacy competencies across their curriculum. From introductory courses through the senior capstone, students learn a range of skills and habits of thought, including identifying appropriate primary and secondary sources and developing the skills necessary to produce original research projects.

ALURA reception, April 2010.

The Armacost Library Undergraduate Research Award (ALURA) celebrates student development of information literacy and library research skills.  The award was established to reward those students who demonstrate thoughtfulness and creativity in their approach to research, the integration of evidence into their own work, and whose work exhibits excellence in critical thinking.

  • The deadline for student submissions = Friday, March 14, 2014.
  • Find out more about the ALURA.
  • Read past award winning submissions on inSPIRe@Redlands.

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