Monday, March 23, 2015

New Article Databases & Online Resources Page

Have you looked at the new Article Databases & Online Resources page? It's got everything from the old page, plus a few new options.

(click the image above for a better view)
  • View all databases on a single page from A to Z *NEW*
  • Filter databases by subject
  • Filter databases by type (of resources included in the database) *NEW*

  • Filter databases by alphabet
  • Search by database title or description *NEW*  We decided to remove this feature since it appeared to confuse our patrons. It's limited in that it will only search databases by title and description, however search logs showed that people used it to try and find sources on their topic. [updated 4/30/2015]
  • Looking for a specific journals, magazines, and newspapers? Find it here
  • Looking for a specific article? Find it here
  • View new & trial databases *NEW*

Use it to find a few databases and online resources. We'll change over to the new page in a few months, but we want to know what you think. Are there too many database types? Are there too many databases listed under these source types? Hate the colors? Want us to include a picture of your weird Uncle Jeeter? Let us know.

One last thing, if you've bookmarked the old page, you'll need to update the old URL from

Questions? Write them in the comments or send them to library [at] redlands [dot] edu.

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