Monday, October 09, 2017

Art makes the library an inspiring study space...

The computer area on the second floor of Armacost Library is perfect for students who thrive off of a quiet and engaging study space.

Photo credit: Jack Dimmock

There are also tables nearby for students who have homework that requires more space. Writing tutoring hours and the Armacost Career Education (ACE) collection are great resources available to students here, as well. The two murals in this study space contrast and complement each other as one is in color and the other is grayscale. These murals are well placed by the computers because they aren’t blocked by bookshelves and have connection to graphic design. 

Photo credit: Jack Dimmock

Art evenly distributed throughout the library not only serves as decoration, but also inspires and engages students in the creative process. The drawing, fabric samples, and photos of “Refashioning the Doctor: a ‘Make-Over’ for a Sci-Fi Icon” shows some of the many extensive steps in the creative process. This serves as a good visual reminder that breaking a project down into small chunks to make consistent progress on overtime is a good way of making the work process less overwhelming. 

Photo credit: Jack Dimmock

Additionally, unexpected art is found through the massive windows of Armacost Library. Our beautiful campus was a deciding factor for many students who attend University of Redlands and serves as a captivating environment that brings out the best in students during their time here.

Guest post: Jack Dimmock '20, Armacost Library Student Assistant (Instruction & Research)

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