Sunday, October 15, 2017

Tales Dark and Dreary

Greetings ghouls,

For those who relish tales dark and dreary,
Of strangers and wandering shades, now weary,
Ascend the steps to the Armacost Library,
Such hauntings you shall find in this sanctuary.

Here lies a sampling of dreaded VISIONS:

Image result for rocky horror dvd  Related image  Image result for cabinet of dr caligari dvd  Image result for eraserhead dvd 
Image result for haxan dvd  Image result for blade trinity dvd  Image result for vampyr dvd  Image result for psycho dvd

and TOMES:

Image result for fledgling novel  Image result for witching hour rice  Related image  Image result for selected tales poe
Image result for annotated frankenstein  Image result for graveyard bookImage result for nightmares and dreamscapes

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